How Customer Centric Are We?

There are various conferences happening around that focus on Customer experience. After successful business conferences in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru, we bring to you the 4th Edition of CX Strategy Summit and Awards to Mumbai. With the introduction of new technologies and the age of digital media, managing customer and retaining them has become a challenge. No doubt digital space has blurred the lines between the businesses and it’s consumers but it has also made the consumer even more rational and smarter than before. And organizations have to understand the business nuances and then act upon the same accordingly. We have come far away from the conventional way of doing businesses - making our processes more robust but still we use the same old methodologies in order to target our audience. Here is the challenging part in today’s changing world, i.e. managing customer’s perception, their loyalty and experience. These three are the driving force behind every initiative that organization takes as the end user for every organization is the Customer. And the only reality left now for businesses is the consumer’s perception! And the organizations that crack this code gain a sustainable advantage over others. Customer experience is said to be the only force behind every initiative an organization takes.

The rise of changing dynamics, technologies has left various questions in people’s mind, like as below:
1. Are the organization’s taking this force to enhance customer experience seriously or is it just an exercise they follow in order to survive in the industry rigor?
2. Does Customer Experience really matter to an Indian consumer? Or does price hijack the rest of the experience?
3. Are CX KRAs only a window dressing?
4. How do we change the culture of a legacy organization to make it customer-first? 5. Does digital mean impersonal?
6. How to improve response rate without compromising on desired critical feedback?
7. How do you drive customer centricity mind-set into a technology- centred organization?
8. Are organization’s missing a trick by under-investing in Customer Service?
9. How do we drive a consistent UX across multiple digital channels?
10. Integrating customer service across channels – driving a one customer one officer approach.
How beneficial it would be?
And the list goes on…..
There’s a wise saying that a customer can either make or break an organization. It totally depends upon the organization that how it caters to its customers in order to sustain. If you also face similar issues in your daily life and are looking forward for a solution to it – What can be more effective way than learning directly from the leaders? If you are seriously looking forward to bring that change in your organization and take it to another level, your search ends here.
4th CX Strategy Summit and Business Awards in India is a conference series that brings together all the corporate leadership under the same roof sharing the best practices, success and failure stories and their learnings out of it.
CX Strategy Summit and Awards conference gives you the platform to showcase your achievement and getting recognized for same in front of top 100 CX professionals.
Doesn’t this sound interesting? Don’t you feel like standing apart from your peers by nominating yourself and getting rewarded in front your peers for your achievements?
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