Role Of Learning and Development in Organisation Growth.

Learning & development plays a crucial role in bringing growth to the organization, up-skilling workforce and increase in performance L&D’s doesn’t limit themselves to learning but they are responsible for the aligning learning with the organizational and individual goals. It’s also important for L&D to provide best learning with ease, fun and enhancement. Learning & development is changing very fast and is being disrupted by the changes happening in technology and digital aspects. 2nd Edition future of L&D summit and awards 2018 showcases the best learning strategies which brings boost in your L&D, help in developing a learning culture and leads to higher performance through employees.

In this conference the key opinion leaders will talk about:
1. The Role of L&D in developing an organization that is fit for the future.
2. Imagining Learning & Development in 10 years' time.
3. The 70:20:10 L&D Model: A Distinct approach to learning.
4. Future of L&D : Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.
5. And some best practices and solutions implemented by them.
In regards to all these leadership also plays an important role in learning & development.It helps in bringing out leaders from different department and up skilling themselves in their job role and department. Not only L&D heads, trainers and course developers are the players of the Learning and development but the learners, employees or trainee is also responsible in creating learning environment, driving performance and growth. Many other aspects like content, time, platforms are also important. There are many conferences in India on Learning & development which talks about a lot from L&D perspective but this summit is conceptualized and designed to resolve the major challenges and issues organizations are facing. Why this conference on Learning and development is different from otherbusiness conferences, corporate conferences and seminars in Mumbai or India? Conferences in India discuss on the general content which is available on different platforms (Webinars, seminars, workshops, online or E- courses) but 2 nd Edition Future of learning and development summit and awards showcases the best practical examples by industry leaders and also rewards you for your achievements in L&D. This is one of the largest events in Mumbai and awards in India on learning & development. Get rewarded for you achievements in the largest L&D awards in India with different categories in corporate leadership, Learning & development and learning strategies. Stay updated for upcoming conferences in India by following UBS Forums on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
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