Changing role of marketing Function..!!

It’s time to explore, implement something new and drive out the maximum for the investments you have made. In this changing world the expectations and demands are playing a very important role which is disturbing many organizations. Each and everybody is busy bringing innovation in their products. But innovation will not only help you build and grow your brand. You have to also build the major part which is your Marketing function. We bring to you the 2nd Edition future of marketing summit & awards 2018. The conference will feature the most trending topics in marketing which will help organization to develop the best marketing strategy. There are many conferences and events happening in the marketing domain.But 2nd Edition future of marketing summit & awards 2018 help you know more about the future of Marketing and its changing role in organizations with some engaging presentations on :- 1. The Path to CMO : The skills needed for marketers to climb to the top 2. Future development of marketing function. 3. How to deliver best marketing strategy with latest tools & techniques? 4. How to quickly adapt constantly evolving technologies? To know more visit:
No, we are not just limited to learning. We believe in rewarding everybody who believes in themselves and are doing best in their domain or work.
2nd Edition future of marketing summit brings you the best marketing awards to get awarded for your excellent work in marketing with some exceptional categories which helps you stand apart in the industry and proudly become the leader in that domain.
Awards consist some great categories like:
1. Digital Awards (Presented to organizations who did the best digital campaign in different ways)
2. Content Marketing Awards (Presented to organizations for their best content)
3. Channel / Medium Awards (Presented to organizations who used different channels / mediums to deliver the best campaign)
4. Sectors / Industry Awards (Presented to organizations who did best campaign for their sector or industry customers)
5. Apex Awards (Presented to individuals and organization for their achievements)
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