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Do you have the right security strategy in place?

Many enterprises today, are struggling with managing their cloud computing security posture and this can lead to exposing your enterprise to risks. Many companies have become vulnerable to these events because of the rapid transition to digital platforms and increased cloud adoption.

With more businesses moving to cloud the enterprises will need a simplified architecture, that enables them to leapfrog the cost and complexity of the patchwork of point products, and benefit from the fabric of the cloudnative ecosystem—without major investments in tools or developer talent.

Join us for this exclusive roundtable which will discuss the robust and detailed data protection and security strategy enterprises adopt that operates across different contexts, complies with privacy laws and simplifies operational complexity.

  1. Strategies for Cloud Security Monitoring
  2. Understand how you can accelerate the adoption of cloud native applications.
  3. Re-assessing your Cloud Security Architecture and Strategy
  4. Strategies to improve security capabilities and reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of cloud security
  5. Managing your endpoint security challenges and expanded reliance on the cloud

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