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Great customer experience is no longer a differentiator; it’s a must.

When every conversation matters, we need to ensure seamless customer interactions across all touchpoints.

While organizations invest in technologies like CRM, telephony, chat platforms, etc., that make up their CX tech stack, actionable and contextual knowledge is needed at every level. Today Efficient Knowledge Management is the missing puzzle piece in the CX tech stack of major scaled customer experience teams.

With a sound Knowledge Management strategy in place, organizations can strengthen their CX function by improving the quality of customer service delivered at every touchpoint and increasing the org-wide process efficiency.

In this roundtable, we'll discuss how to make your knowledge work for you and deliver meaningful experiences to customers through a full-proof CX tech stack

Key themes to be addressed

  • The CX techstack: different elements of a sound CX strategy
  • The missing piece in the CX techstack: the importance of actionable knowledge across all touchpoints
  • Omnichannel customer support through efficient knowledge management: achieve SOP adherence and make your team mistake-proof

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Time Session
12:00 PM Opening remarks - UBS Forums
12:02 PM Keynote Session:

Ramakrishna M, Director Coinswitch Kuber
12:12 PM Panel Discussion - Knowledge Management: The missing puzzle piece in the CX tech stack
12:50 PM Q&A
01:00 PM Close of Webinar
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