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To be successful in today's challenging environment, all parts of your business needs to be agile, and with growth being the major focus for businesses - HR plays a critical role. HR Transformation is a journey and this digital age enables acceleration of this process. Today leveraging technology into HR Function, has become a key imperative for driving efficiencies, by supporting and shaping organization's competitive strategies.

HR Technology solution like recruitment tech, Payroll and Compliance management has been an important instrument in transforming business globally, bringing more agility into HR and Finance functions.
From salaries and overtime calculations to employee empowerment and selecting right talent, smart technology can help increase efficiency, minimize costs, improve employee experiences, and help businesses become more agile.

As organizations compete in this business environment it has now become even more important for HR leaders to transform their end-to-end HR process from recruitment to payroll management, customising payment options to remain competitive in the war for talent, supporting flexible working options and securing employee data remotely to drive performance improvements across the entire organization.

Join us for this exclusive webinar and understand how you can accelerate your continuous transformation journey by building an effective & agile HR and Finance portfolio which will minimize time, eliminate costs, support business decisions, and ultimately help boost business productivity and business growth.

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Featured Speakers

Srinivas Konidena
Vice President and Head - Product Development (Asia Pac)
Prasanna Kotha
Co - Founder & CEO
Daniel Rogers
EVP- People
Iplace India Private Limited
Anil Peter Monteiro
Vice President Human Resources
Tecnotree Corporation
Vijaykumar Naidu
Sales Head – Major accounts
Sanjay Asane
Head India HR
Ansys Software Private Limited
Savita Nehra
Associate Vice President Human Resources
Ness Technologies
Samir Bhiwapurkar
Samir Bhiwapurkar
Head HR and General Administration
Japfa Comfeed India Pvt. Ltd.


Optimizing technology in HR: Unlocking the true potential

Crafting an optimal benefit strategy: Streamlining your HR and Finance function together

Strengthening data security to improve compliance with effective payroll solution

Know how you can streamline payroll processes to reduce errors, lower costs, improve governance and increase employee experience

Learn how emerging technologies will enable digital transformation across people, teams and functions to achieve business growth


Time(IST) Session
10:30 AM Role of HR in driving Business Growth: HR 2021 and Beyond

In the current disruptive environment, HR function must transform, to stay relevant and add value to the business for business growth, they need to respond, to increased expectations given by constantly changing and challenging business conditions, thus it must be agile and well equipped with latest tools and technologies.

This session will help you:
  • HR Transformation is a journey : How the digital age is enabling in acceleration of this and evolving for a post pandemic scenario.
  • Best strategies HR leaders need to adopt to drive business growth
  • Best strategies HR leaders need to adopt to drive employee engagement
  • Identify the tools and technologies required for transformation: Recruiting, Payroll Management etc.
  • Understand how to successfully partner with CEO to reimaging the business growth
  • Best strategies and real-life case studies.

Anil Peter Monteiro, Vice President Human Resources, Tecnotree Corporation
11:15 AM Simplifying your HR and Payroll

Vijaykumar Naidu,Sales Head - Major Accounts,ADP
12:00 PM Panel Discussion: The Future Starts Now: Unlocking the true potential of Automated HR Processes

Transforming HR to deliver forward-thinking capabilities can help companies respond more timely and effectively to changes in the business environment, this panel will have leaders from leading organization highlighting the best strategies they have adopted for streamlining their HR and payroll process in order to expand their global footprint, increase revenue andmargins, minimize costs, increase employee satisfaction and performance resulting in exponential business growth.

Panel Moderator:
Srinivas Konidena,Vice President and Head - Product Development (Asia Pac),ADP
Panel Members:
Daniel Rogers,EVP- People, Iplace India Private Limited
Prasanna Kotha,Co-Founder & CEO, SecurTime
Sanjay Asane,Associate Vice President HR,Ansys Software Private Limited
Savita Nehra,Associate Vice President HR,Ness Technologies India Private Limited
Samir Bhiwapurkar,Head HR and General Administration,Japfa Comfeed India Private Limited
12:45 PM Q&A and Feedback
01:00 PM Close of Webinar
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