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Emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made significant impact on the way businesses operate and approach innovation. AI has not just provided competitive edge to businesses but has also helped in enabling better ways of working with efficiency and productivity gains, at an unimaginable scale.

AI-enabled business operations is no more a choice, rather it has become an integral part of every successful business. In view of all these, it becomes moreso important for business leaders to understand the power of AI technologies and enable the next quantum jump in bringing the best of business potential to life.

To help business leaders understand various aspects of AI and its application across industries, we bring to you, The AI Masterclass. AI Masterclass, Transforming Business with Artificial Intelligence is an envisioning opportunity for business leaders to unlock the art of possible, leveraging Azure AI.

You’ll learn about Azure AI capabilities and specifically be able to envision real-life examples that can be brought to life leveraging power of AI.

Following topics will be covered in Masterclass:

  • Smart conversation: Voice. Video. Vernacular based

  • Smart Search : Voice,video and vernacular based

  • Advanced chat ops,and Mail automation

  • Journey assist: ICR. OCR

  • Anomaly detection

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