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To remain competitive in modern business, firms must adopt a robust HR Tech system in Malaysia. This solution streamlines HR tasks, automates routines, and provides valuable insights for informed decision-making.

A robust HR Tech solution in Malaysia can enhance employee engagement and retention, reduce administrative costs, and ensure regulatory compliance. This is particularly important in Malaysia, where labor laws are complex and constantly changing. Automating HR processes minimizes errors and guarantees accurate data management, reducing legal liabilities and enabling data-driven decisions. Whether a startup or a corporation, investing in HR Tech is crucial for long-term success.

Join us at this exclusive Akrivia HCM Rediscover HRTech Summit & Awards 2023 to elevate your business and learn from our expert speakers how choosing the right HR Tech partners can help minimize costs, eliminate inefficiencies, and ultimately boost your business productivity.

Key Areas of Focus:

High-impact HR tech and its potential for growing businesses

Strategies for leveraging HR tech to improve productivity and efficiency

Borderless talent and how it's impacting the workforce in Malaysia

Strategies for recruiting, retaining, and managing borderless talent

The role of HR technology in enabling borderless talent management

The impact of globalization on the workforce and the need for cross-cultural competence

The importance of investing in HR technology for business success

Key factors to consider when selecting and implementing HR technology solutions

Best practices for maximizing ROI on HR technology investments in Malaysia

The role of data analytics in optimizing borderless talent management

Cross-border legal compliance and the need for a strong compliance framework

Featured Speakers

Monir Azzouzi

Monir Azzouzi

Chief People Experience Officer & Board Director


Tracy Poh

Tracy Poh

Head of HR Operations & Business Partner

Nexperia Malaysia Sdn. Bhd

Abdul Khaliq Putra

Abdul Khaliq Putra

Head of the Talent Acquisition

Air Selangor

Khairul Syafiqah Mokhtar

Khairul Syafiqah Mokhtar

Head of Human Resources

Natura Malaysia

Razman Radzi

Razman Radzi

Group Chief Human Capital Officer

FGV Holdings Berhad

Jessie Khong

Jessie Khong

Head of Human Resources

Pentas Flora Sdn Bhd

Rodica Belocosov

Rodica Belocosov

Vice President of People Operations



Time(IST) Topic
09:30 AM Registration
10:00 AM Welcome Speech
10:15 AM Akrivia HCM
The Power of High-Impact HR Tech in Growing Business & Empowering People
11:00 AM Keynote Borderless Talent: The Future of Work in Malaysia

  • Advantages of adopting HR Tech solutions in Malaysia for borderless talent management
  • How can HR Tech help companies overcome geographical and cultural barriers while recruiting talent from different parts of the world?
  • Key challenges faced by Malaysian businesses in managing a diverse workforce, and how HR Tech helps address them
  • In what ways can HR Tech facilitate the onboarding and integration of international employees into a Malaysian workplace?
  • How can HR Tech enable cross-functional collaboration and communication between Malaysian businesses and their borderless talent pool?
Monir Azzouzi, Chief People Experience Officer & Board Director, GoToko
11:45 AM Tea Break
12:00 AM Panel Discussion - Maximizing ROI on HR Technology Investments: Insights from Industry Leaders

  • Key strategies for maximizing ROI on HR technology investments
  • How do industry leaders measure the success of their HR technology investments?
  • What are some common mistakes companies make when implementing HR technology?
  • How can companies ensure they are selecting the right HR technology solution for their needs?
  • Role of employee training and adoption play in maximizing ROI on HR technology investments/li>
Khairul Syafiqah Mokhtar, Head of Human Resources, Natura Malaysia

Tracy Poh, Head of HR Operations & Business Partner, Nexperia Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
Abdul Khaliq Putra, Head of the Talent Acquisition, Air Selangor
Jessie Khong, Head of Human Resources, Pentas Flora Sdn Bhd
Rodica Belocosov, Vice President of People Operations, MoneyLion
12:40 PM Fireside Chat
Razman Radzi, Group Chief Human Capital Officer, FGV Holdings Berhad
01:15 PM Lunch Break
02:00 PM HR Tech Award Session


Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel, Malaysia

Jln Sultan Ismail, Chow Kit, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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