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Migrating to and modernizing .NET applications on Azure gives you unmatched productivity on the cloud. Strengthen your business today in this competitive era by quickly building, deploying and scaling web apps and APIs on your terms.

Why choose Azure for your .NET, Java apps?

  • Fully managed service with built-in infrastructure maintenance, security patching and scaling
  • Built-in CI/CD integration and zero-downtime deployments
  • The emergence of the hybrid work environment and strategies to make it work
  • Integration with virtual networks and ability to run in an isolated and dedicated App Service environment
  • Rigorous security and compliance including SOC and PCI for seamless deployments in the cloud, and on-premises

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What we will cover

Basics: Azure App Service

Hands on demo of app
deployment on Azure App
Service along with its salient features

How to bring your web apps to the cloud with minimal or no code changes using the App Service Migration Assistant, a free and simple tool to automatically migrate .NET web applications from on-premises to the cloud.

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