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Organizations today are going through a remarkable transformation.

Smart buildings/ premises have successfully helped companies improve energy efficiency, but with the current health, safety, and security challenges, that is no longer enough. Thus, organisations need to increase their speed and decisiveness in order to assess risks in premises and prevent them from harming people or disrupting operations, also they need to incorporate technology in order to ensure employee well being and safety at the workplace.

To minimize disruption and keep business running smoothly, organisations today need smart resilient premises which can keep assests secure, employees safe and provide a trusted and secure environment.

Join us for this exclusive roundtable where we will have senior industry leaders sharing their best insights on how you can invest in modern resilient premises and leverage critical events management (CEM) technology solutions to create safe smart premises that are better enabled to respond to critical events with greater agility.

Key Areas of Focus:

  • Restructure your premises to enhance safety and resilience, with technology.
  • Know how you can ensure continuity across business operations
  • Explore how technology can equip you to successfully respond to or avoid critical events.
  • How to keep your business operating and running during and after an incident.
  • How Everbridge can help in resolving challenges through their continuity solutions.
  • How can we mitigate the impact of any disruption.

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Featured Speakers


Time(IST) Session
03:00 PM Rethinking Agile: A Structured Approach to Smart Enterprise with Smart BCP.

Samir Nayak, Sr. Sales Director & Country Manager, Everbridge.
03:20 PM Panel Discussion : Best Strategies for Safe and Resilient Buildings: What Matters Most.

Panel Moderator
Gaurav Loria, Group Chief Quality Officer & Head Operations (Vice President), Apollo Hospitals.

Panel Members
  1. Rachita Gupta, Head of Marketing / Cybersecurity, Tech Mahindra
  2. Dashrath Kumar, Head – Security, Tata Power
  3. Anuj Rawat, Head Admin & Security, Tata Motors
  4. Pramod Kumar Singh, Head - Fire & Safety, Coastal Gujarat Power Limited (The Tata Power Co. Limited)
  5. Avinash Sonavane, Head Account and Finance, HR and Admin, Mahindra Steel Service Centre Limited
  6. Gaurav Singhal, Head Admin Facilities & Compliance, Bharti Airtel
  7. Vijay kumar Chandra, Head Administration, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd
  8. Shailendra Vaidya, Head Administration, Lupin India
  9. Bhawani Singh Nirwan, Head Of Administration, Tata Steel
  10. Samir Nayak, Sr. Sales Director & Country Manager, Everbridge
04:15 PM Close of Roundtable
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