With the advancements in technology, RPA, AI, Analytics, ML and more, are forcing businesses to change the way they operate, with organization increasingly focusing on becoming agile, business transformation has become a requirement today. It not only makes you go forward, faster but makes your company agile making better business decisions and build an amazing customer experience.

To survive in this disruption and changing times IT professionals need to evolve into more strategic, analytical and data driven powerhouse embracing digitisation, driving performance and adding value through-out the business.

This webinar will equip you with the best tools and strategies which will help you increase productivity and agility of your finance processes for future business growth.

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03:00 : Opening Remarks

03.05 : Keynote Address: Digital Transformation: Taking digital strategies from vision to execution

Need: "Top performing organizations deliver best experiences with greater Security" Rightly quoted, today its imperative for every organization to be the best in the digital space to stay relevant. This session will highlight how digital transformation can be a competitive edge for your business and how leading organization are leveraging the same.

  • Designing your digital strategy framework for your business
  • Reanalyzing your digital strength, are you the best for your customers
  • How RPA and AI automation powering the digital enterprises
  • Strengthening your digital transformation to generate revenue
  • Best strategies and case studies revealed

03:25 : Transitioning to Intelligent Enterprises with RPA and AI

With the rapid pace of change and the increasing pull to innovate and support business growth the role of IT is constantly evolving, forcing them to change everything. Learn from this session how Automation Anywhere helps automate, generating new insights and increases decision speed.

  • Automate and streamline your business with RPA and AI
  • Understand how automating various processes and repetitive tasks can increase efficiency
  • Learn how customers have effectively transformed their IT function with RPA

03:45 : Panel Chat: Harnessing power of RPA and AI for business transformation

  • How RPA and AI are helping businesses transform
  • Best strategies on revenue generation and cost reduction through technology
  • Some real-life case studies on how RPA helped your finance function transform

04:20 : Q&A and Poll

04:30 : Wrap-Up and Close of Webinar

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