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India’s auto-market is the fourth largest in the world and continues to grow rapidly.

Fuelled by burgeoning lifestyles and an increasingly digital customer base, businesses in the automobile industry are undergoing massive change. But despite this growth, the auto market is years behind in terms of customer experience when compared to other industries like retail and eCommerce.

Automotive brands need to refine and digitize the customer experience they provide. In this webinar, we’ll discuss about how businesses in the automotive industry stand to increase revenue and improve customer experience by addressing the following challenges:

#1 Lack of a streamlined customer communication channel
  • The auto industry in India operates on a dealership model, and customers often find it difficult to reach the relevant dealership based on their location.
#2 Lead leakage
  • Since there is no call tracking in place, businesses in the auto industry often end up losing leads when customers reach out to them over the weekend or after hours.
#3 Insufficient follow-ups
  • Since there is no system to keep track of how many customers were called by agents, businesses are unable to make enough follow-up calls, again causing lead leakage.
#4 Lack of customer feedback
  • Car dealerships usually don’t have a system in place to collect customer feedback, which is crucial for improving the customer experience.

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