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Fintech sector is undergoing transformation where technological innovation and customer experiences have become fundamental for business growth. The Online Broking & Crypto Apps have seen a significant increase and funding boom in the last five years, with funding increasing at a CAGR of 98% in the past six years.

Increased competition and innovation among fintech startups has disrupted the traditional financial services industry and force the fintech businesses to scale up their operations, and ultimately create multiple options for customers and build experiences that get traders hooked on your app.

It is clear that to remain competitive in this disruptive market, fintechs will have to focus on digital innovation. Join us for this exclusive webinar where leaders will discuss how you can enhance your customer experience across channels with personalised initiatives with the help of technology for business growth.

Key Themes to be Addressed

  • Understand how the FinTech industry in India is evolving
  • Explore how you can build experiences that can get traders hooked to your app
  • Understand how tech like Analytics, AI & ML, RPA can enhance digital experiences in a no code way.

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