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The new normal has accelerated the adoption of digital technologies and reshaped customer expectation. The modern customer today demands personalized and fast track services. With more and more consumers are moving online, companies are using latest technologies like RPA, AI, ML etc to improve performance in marketing and sales, operations, supply chain, and revenue management. However, when it comes to customer experience (CX), organizations still have a lot to achieve:

This exclusive Roundtable will have the best in industry leaders joining us and sharing their inputs on how you can elevate customer engagements with better deliverability & AI.

Key Areas of Focus:

Creating customer-centric experiences- shifting focus from campaign management to insights-led engagement

  • Analyzing changes in customer behavior
  • Identifying micro-moments to drive conversions
  • Growth stories from brands that adopted insights-led customer engagement model
Optimizing engagements by enhancing deliverability across mobile and email
  • Challenges with Push- how MoE is solving for this
  • Improving email deliverability
  • ROI brands have witnessed by improving deliverability
Putting AI at the front line of every customer interaction
  • 5 ways AI lets you deepen customer engagements
  • Growth stories from brands implementing AI

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