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The pandemic has changed the way in which we engage with our customers. No matter who we speak to, the stories are the same - a rise in digital customer queries, backed up phone lines, support backlogs running into the 1000s, and budget cuts that add more fuel to the fire.

Most organizations have responded by throwing back more and more technology to fix their CX efforts. However, despite the rising expenditure on tech and the best intentions of companies, the struggle to get a handle on customers and delight them with exceptional support and service continues.

We'd like to extend our invitation to you for our Exclusive Panel Discussion on “AI in Customer Service: A Game Changer for Business”

Listen to our experts talk on Superhuman Customer Experience and how Artificial Intelligence & automation reduce the time to resolve customer issues and increase customer loyalty and retention.

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Attend this exclusive webinar to learn how to:

Improve customer experience through Omnichannel support

Reducing 70% of ticket volume through effective use of bots and AI

Determining when to use bots and when to use agents

Creating seamless, customer-centric hand-offs between AI and human employees

Using AI to guide conversations and improve agent productivity

Enable your team to take data-driven decisions

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