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With the spread of COVID 19 contagion, people are increasingly depending on remote tools to conduct the business with financial organisations. While it helps business continuity it also results in loss of personal touch that is a vital element of trust-based relationships in financial domain. Today it is vital to humanize such remote conversations to understand and build connections with every customer.

New age technologies like speech recognition, AI and ML help you achieve this very objective. However well thought out strategy to make use of these technologies is key to achieving the desired outcomes.

Learn how you can lead the industry by understanding your customers better and creating personalised experiences, whether your customer connects with you digitally, in person or both.

Join us to see how these technologies can help your organization humanize and improve Customer Service during current times and beyond.

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What To Expect?

• Use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, chat bots/speech bots and web self -service features

• Predicting customer needs, based on insightful trends and patterns, and proactively offer the right products and services with ‘Next Best Action’.

• Complement human led interactions cost-effectively by taking advantage of AI and cognitive capabilities


Intelligent Automation in Customer Service

Speaker: Anand Gupta, Partner and Leader Digital Operations Financial Services, EY India

Automation Trends In Financial Service

Speaker: FS Industry Leader

Navigating the impacts of COVID-19 on customer facing functions with speech, AI and NLP driven technologies

Speaker: Naveen Gupta, Director - Business Apps, Microsoft