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Microsoft reports that 86% of people will pay more for better customer experiences. By automating repeated actions in different business processes and differentiate from the competition by delivering connected customer experience, with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

In this COVID tough times, it's absolutely vital to prevent any potential disruption for your customers, to maintain the quality of your products or services, and to continue building strong customer relationships. Across industries like Banking, Financial Services & Insurance, HealthCare the ability to get a unified view of the customer, automation of repeated tasks, connected Customer Experience on your customers' desired channels at the right place, at the right time, can improve Customer experience and life time value of your customer Journey.

At the end of the co-hosted webinar, You'll learn why a data-driven, automation-focused, and platform-based approach to operations is essential for customer service and hear approaches to reframe the customer service model.

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In this webinar, we'll unpack:

Chatbot Agent - Scale your support function to meet a surge in demand using virtual agents.

Self Service Portal - Improve customer loyalty with personalized communications.

Knowledge Article- Send timely communications based on what's important to customers

Outlook/Sharepoint - Help customers and teams with digital tools for easy collaboration and event planning.