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Customer experience has been the mantra for every business on the planet. The pandemic has changed consumer behaviours forever. The way customers engage, purchase, and seek support has completely changed which have major implications for all businesses.

Yet, the painful problems of customer service for businesses remain same — low first call resolution, repeat calls, long wait times, long call handle times, unfulfilled promises, and more.

It’s not just the pandemic causing these customer experience deficiencies, it’s the lack of focus on the other human in the conversation: the agent. Fixing what’s broken in customer service requires improving the agent experience along with the customer experience. Thus , In order to achieve the type of transformational results needed by the businesses, contact centers are turning to conversational artificial intelligence (AI) in order to drive excellent customer experiences.

Join us for this exclusive roundtable where leaders will explore the best strategies for transforming CX for an unimaginable experience with AI.

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In this event, you’ll learn:

How conversational AI and automation enhance and augment agent performance to optimize the experience for both customers and agents

Which use cases have the greatest impact on agent performance and experience and deliver the most improvement in customer satisfaction

Examples of how leading companies have used conversational AI and automation to optimize the experience for agent and customers

Best practices for transforming the agent and customer experience using conversational AI and automation