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Every organization is on a journey to cloud. In fact, by the end of this year, 98% of surveyed organizations plan to use hybrid, multiple clouds.

This has created new challenges for security teams, who now must deal with data spread across different tools, clouds, and IT environments. As a result, they must spend more time integrating tools and information, leaving less time for securing their organizations.

The impact is longer time to respond to high-risk security incidents and higher possibility of missing cyber threats.

Reimagining security in multicloud environment:

Connected security built for a hybrid, multicloud world can help detect, investigate, and respond to threats faster. Join us for this exclusive webinar and explore how you can:

  • Integrating security tools to gain insights into threats across hybrid, multicloud environments
  • Uncover hidden threats, make more informed risk-based decisions
  • Securely access third-party tools to search for threats across any cloud or on-premises location.
  • Address security issues with an open & secure platform.

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