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Did you know that, as per Forrester, 80% of all data breaches are a result of compromised privileged credentials?

Privileged credentials have the keys to the kingdom. Imagine one of your users has access to an application that uses a database to store its data. What if that user — unknown to you — also had access to the privileged account necessary to manage the database?

As a CISO, what security controls do you have for privileged credentials to access your cloud applications? Can you monitor and audit all data activity, including actions performed by privileged users - like developers or database administrators - in the protected vault?

You need to monitor – and enforce security policies – for sensitive data access and privileged user actions!

Join us at 3.00 PM on 22 nd April 2021 in the 7th edition of IBM Security Presents Cyber Talk Series to learn how you can:

  • Achieve visibility across privilege accounts monitoring and database access and reduce your attack surface.
  • Manage shared admin credentials used by data activity monitoring to do discovery and classification.
  • Increase security by create a second layer of defense to all data stored into the privilege credential vault.

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