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SAP Surround Strategy is all about creating a clear path ahead to maximize business value out of one of your most important data assets- SAP Platform. Apart from SAP, your Business growth may have led you to invest in many other important applications such as CRM, 3rd Party Logistics applications, Point of Sales and IoT relevant data sources etc. which feed into or out of SAP platform. And As businesses become data driven at its core, there is an urgent need to combine data from all sources with SAP data, correlate, analyze and unlock intelligent insights, helping organization drive some of the most important day-to-day business decisions.

In this webinar, we shall cover how you can maximize business value from SAP Data with Surround Analytics & AI use-cases including Intelligent Supply Chain, Chatbots and much more.

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Learning Outcomes / Challenges Addressed:

Business Intelligence and Analytics on SAP and other Data assets using Azure Synapse Analytics

Business Insights using Machine Learning on SAP data (Modern Algorithms for Supply Chain Optimization, Planning, Forecasting and Customer Insights)

Intuitive and contextual access to SAP Scenarios via Microsoft Teams based Chatbots and Power Apps. Converse with your ERP and other Enterprise systems on Teams, just as you converse with your colleagues.

Best Practices and Architecture Options to support SAP Surround scenarios.

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