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Data and analytics is an essential part of any business strategy. Businesses, governments and individuals worldwide use data to make responsive, informed and timely decisions using performant data analytics. It’s not enough anymore to set a business goal and work toward it; in order to stay relevant in today’s market, organizations need to have a finger on the pulse of their business in real time. For most organizations, this means stitching together a multitude of services to run analytics. This approach results in brittle, high[1]maintenance architectures that drain resources to manage technology, resources that ought to be spent on responding to new opportunities. In the world of analytics, speed is paramount, because the value of data depreciates with time.

One thing is certain about ecommerce these days: it’s never boring. Savvy consumers change patterns of demand daily. Global organisations compete fiercely for share of wallet. New channels and new technologies require rapid pivots. Smart retailers put the customer at the centre – meeting them where they shop. Personalising every interaction. Predicting what they want. Fulfilling faster than the competition. Siloed systems and data fragment the customer into a thousand shards. Unification puts them back together so you can serve the whole person.

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Time(IST) Session
11.00 AM Welcome Note & Opening Remarks

Aparna Gupta – Executive Director, Customer Success, Microsoft India
11.05 AM Panel Discussion
Moderator :
Aparna Gupta – Executive Director, Customer Success, Microsoft India

Panel members :
Mayur Datar – Chief Data Scientist, Flipkart
Mohit Kumar - Head of Data Science, Data Platform and Product Analytics, Udaan
11.35 AM Q&A
11.50 AM Closing remarks & key takeaways