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Physical architecture powered by databases, data warehouses, and now data lakes have been the go-to approach for managing data in the last 3 decades. But are they still the favored approach? Fraught with lengthy time delays to install them and enormous costs to maintain them, these legacy technologies have seen the light of their day.

Business users now have no appetite to wait for days, weeks, or months to get their data to perform their day-to-day jobs. They are demanding real-time data delivered instantaneously. Logical architectures powered by data virtualization and data fabrics are quickly becoming the best approach to modern data management.

Rather than physically collecting the data into a centralized repository, logical architectures connect to the data wherever they reside, thus accelerating data integration and delivery. Research says that “by 2024, organizations utilizing data fabrics to dynamically connect, integrate and automate data management will reduce time to data delivery by 30%.”

This virtual summit will explore the best approach to modern data management using data virtualization and logical data fabric.

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