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Disruption and innovation is constantly testing the enterprise software landscape as the future is rapidly changing due to regular shifts in customer expectations, stricter regulations,evolution of new business ecosystems and fluctuating margins. As a result, enterprises struggle to realign their software portfolio to successfully manoeuvre through these transient times.

The primary obstacles to redirect an IT Portfolio to address enterprise’s business priorities are the heterogeneous systems built in a siloed manner. These function oriented solutions: on the one-hand lack the capability to connect disparate systems distributed across functions and on the other-hand they do not have the simplicity and intuitiveness associated with the consumer grade applications of today.

In the absence of a unifying platform, in most of the enterprises, two separate layers come into play– The experience layer (touchpoints where your customer, suppliers, employees and regulators interact with your organization) and the transaction layer (databases where the records of the transactions of your customer, suppliers, employees and regulators are stored). Any goal oriented enterprise would demand a coherent flow of information from the transaction layer to the experience layer and vice versa.

To build and scale IT Portfolio at the speed of business, enterprises require a unifying layer to act as a digital backbone.

Join us on this exclusive roundtable discussion where executives like you will discuss how such a digital backbone will support many widely-distributed transaction systems built on different codebases and middleware to deliver unifying experience to stakeholders through automated workflows.

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Key discussion points:

This digital backbone will create sustainable competitive advantage by

  • Providing an unifying digital fabric across your enterprise through convergence of experiences, actions and transactions.
  • Addressing shifting customer needs through omnichannel, always-on, consumer grade experiences.
  • Solving complex security and scalability challenges.
  • Enabling new ways of working through intelligent automation and extreme collaboration across siloed Processes, Business Units, and Systems.
  • Generating new revenue streams through monetizing internal innovation.