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Enterprises across the globe strive to leverage technology to generate newer revenue streams with business model innovation, provide consumer grade end user experience and enable the future of work. However, all these dazzling outcomes are not possible without deeply ingrained automation in your business processes and functions.

According to a Bain study, almost half of automation projects fail to deliver the expected savings and the median payback period for automation projects is 13 to 18 months. To achieve the true benefits from automation initiatives, companies need to embed speed, agility, intelligence and UX into their automation strategy.

AI enabled automation empowers enterprises to adopt a more scalable and agile approach towards automation as opposed to RPA initiatives. It enables companies to proactively identify new processes with automation potential, automate them, and change them with evolving business dynamics. This approach enables companies to scale up their automation initiatives with ease and create sustainable competitive advantage.

Join us on this exclusive webinar, where our technology experts will help you gain rich insights into -

  • Why RPA was necessary but not sufficient anymore
  • How Hyper Intelligent Automation evolved to address the shortcomings of RPA
  • How low code accelerates the automation first approach
  • How to design a playbook for secure and scalable automation

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