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In a world of multi-dimensional data, traditional asset-centric and industry analytics IoT platforms no longer offer the same benefits or business impact. Many organizations are adopting Industry 4.0 and digitalizing the entire manufacturing value chain. Yet, when making this shift, many companies fail to foresee and understand the immense and immediate impact Digital Industrial Platforms have like Neewee’s AI apps – viz a viz traditional industrial IoT platforms. AI and use case-based applications are the future of IIoT, say experts and analysts. Making the change now is advised and highly recommended to integrate the different parts of the manufacturing life cycle to optimize the overall output proficiently.

Topics Addressed:

  • The difference between traditional Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Digital Industrial Platforms.
  • The future of Digital Industrial Platforms and their importance.
  • How an app-based approach can be used to generate a quicker ROI.
  • Real-life use cases of hyper-connected manufacturing processes.

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