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Various Digital transformation functions within large global organizations have extended their operations in India as well transformed their earlier captive development and delivery centres into the hub of global innovation, called as GCCs /GICs etc.

While the first phase of innovation was largely driven by addressing plethora of opportunities due to existing inefficiencies across systems and processes, the second phase of innovation is driven by leveraging AI into all the transformation initiatives and the process automation has also transformed into intelligent process automation.

In the digital first age, many new transformation initiatives are being conceptualized keeping AI and workforce transformation in mind where the end goal is tightly aligned to tasks instead of human workforce. Digital skill sets are getting easily transported into digital workforce with AI enabling this workforce go beyond purely SOP driven simple tasks to elevated decision making while keeping human in loop for over sight.

This new age mode is helping organization scale much quickly with very predictable outcomes and all this while ensuring all the regulatory compliance

Join this roundtable to for some great insights from the trenches. Leaders who are in the front of leading transformation through intelligent automation will share their experiences, lessons learned and hindsight wisdom.

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Key Areas of Focus:

Comprehend the role of intelligent RPA in digital first strategy in organisations
Intelligent automation brings significant change to an organization while also generating increased productivity. Learn how business leaders have enabled this journey in their respective organizations

Discussion on how automation is playing key role in the overall digital transformation initiatives and not purely from standalone process or task automation perspectives
Learn how to build momentum in business automations by looking at processes end to end

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