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E-commerce is the ever-changing industry where we see a constant shift in order to shape the way that people purchase product. A lot of things are expected to change in e commerce over the coming years, thus it's time to explore what the future will look like.

According to Forbes, Conversational AI has increased sales by 67% on average and Gartner reports that $8B in businesses expenses will be saved by Virtual Assistants by 2022. The pandemic has changed the way businesses communicate with their consumers, has expedited digital transformation, and has created new options to satisfy evolving customer demands and stay competitive in these unpredictable times.

In this era, customers expect personalized and more automated services with minimal friction at all stages in their transformation journeys. Organizations need to accelerate digital transformation and their CX strategies with conversational AI and automation to be at the forefront of change. Harnessing conversational AI and automation delivers a better agent and customer experience by eliminating friction, and driving new revenues, deepening relationships, and lowering costs.

Join us for this exclusive webinar and explore how conversational AI and automation can accelerate your digital transformation and deliver next-gen CX across every conversation while adhering to the strict guidelines of regulatory authorities.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Changing landscape of E Commerce along with evolving customer mindset
  • What is the role of Conversational AI in E – Commerce industry
  • How Conversational AI can generate a significant commercial advantage and increase ROI with AI
  • How has Conversational AI helped scale up customer service for e-commerce?

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Getting the customer experience right is fundamental for success in today’s environment.

Companies are seeing measurable and sustainable return on investment by transforming the consumer and agent experience across the entire customer conversation, from self-service to post-interaction analytics:

Higher conversion rates

Lower agent attrition

Improved CSAT and NPS

Increased customer lifetime value

Faster ramp-up and time to proficiency


Time(IST) Session
03:00 PM Opening Remarks by UBS Forums
03:05 PM Keynote session by Uniphore
03:25 PM Panel Discussion: Harnessing Conversational AI in the E – Commerce Industry
04:00 PM Closing Remarks
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