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Enterprises will go through Respond, Recover and Renew phases. Businesses around the world are experiencing the impact of the same global pandemic, but each enterprise’s path to recovery will be unique.

During unlock it’s important for every organization to reimagine business strategy with powerful tools and insights. So we are coming up digital round tables to help you make effective choices.

  • Make effective resource and investment choices by scenario-planning outcomes for individual business units, products and service lines.
  • Build resiliency by planning for complex scenarios in which societies may revert back to a renewed lockdown period.
  • Constantly adjust your strategic planning to successfully navigate the chaotic period of reopening until a more stable period is reached

It is our mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. With that, we would like to empower you with different solutions that our partners are bringing so that you can support them with all these solutions at this hour of crisis. To empower you, we are coming up with series of Webinars on Partner solutions catering to business continuity.

In the wake of severe changes to the business conditions because of this pandemic, HR Professionals have to think about potential long-lasting solutions to handle such contingencies and manage their remote employees. In this webinar Microsoft will be sharing how Microsoft has been helping customers to sustain the post pandemic situation along with Microsoft own solutions and solutions provided by Microsoft partner Disprz.

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This webinar will highlight:

• How you can Upskill, reskill and cross-skill every day.

• Understand how you can engage your employee and encourage skill-building, both for daily tasks and career advancement, powered by the best engineering and data science available

• Identify gaps effectively at the employee and organizational levels to inform your hiring, training, and advancement.