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About Future of Ecommerce

The E-commerce has come a long way since its inception, it has changed the world, with providing 24/7/365 days of buying and selling opportunities, where majority growth is being triggered by increasing internet and smartphone penetration.

The European e-commerce market is expected to grow to 717 billion euros by end of the year due to its pivot towards a digital transformation and online fulfilment following COVID - 19.

This opens up the new vistas of opportunities for organizations to tap new customer base with minimal investments. But with opportunity come challenges, todays customer expects world class experience at every platform, which in turn is challenging the experts to rethink their way of strategizing and managing their customer's digital journey.

The Future of E-commerce summit will have the best digital leaders coming under one roof to discuss the best strategies on leveraging their ecommerce platform, adding more value to their customers at every step of the journey, delivering next generation customer experience today, personalization of platforms, turning your data into insights and many more.

With the overall focus towards the European market and the following cross border e commerce - the top trending topics on E-commerce will be widely addressed.

  • Join India’s largest summit in which you will learn the best ways to keep intact with the current trends in the market.
  • Network with senior leaders and solution providers across industries.
  • Brainstorm with the top e retailers and brands for best strategies, Innovative tools and solutions in E Commerce.
  • Understand what your peers are practicing and implementing to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Understand how e-commerce is an enabler to generate business and help generate the revenue for its expansion.

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  • Ecommerce Head
  • Digital
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Merchandising
  • Customer Experience/Customer Services
  • Omnichannel
  • Operations


10:30 AM: Keynote address: Today, Tomorrow and Beyond: Future E Commerce 2025

E Commerce is the ever-changing industry where we see a constant shift in order to shape the way that people purchase product. A lot of things are expected to change in e commerce over the coming years, thus it's time to explore what the future of ecommerce will look like post pandemic.

  • Changing landscape of E Commerce along with evolving customer mindset in European market
  • Restructuring e-commerce model to meet evolving customer needs amid pandemic.
  • Exploring the New models of E Commerce coming up
  • Exploring global business opportunities aligned with digital presence
  • Visualizing the future of E-commerce
  • Forecast global trends that are coming up till 2025
  • How will the e-commerce value chain evolve to adapt to the current crisis

10:50 AM: Designing your digital strategy; Choosing the right technology

Technology has to be chosen as an enabler and not as the literal solution.
Are the organizations equipped with the right tools and technologies to tackle these changes amid the current crisis.

  • Unleashing the potential of new age technology in the digital era
  • Exploring the role of tools and technologies to shape your digital presence
  • What are the possible ways to enhance your brand on digital platform amid COVID 19
  • How can you make technology as part of your business model ingrained to your system
  • Key data sciences backend- technologies that are available
  • A look at various CRM solutions on E Commerce platform

11:10 AM: Payment Gateways: Finding the right one for you

Payment gateway performs the important role in processing and authorizing the payment or transactions between customers and merchants.

  • Shifting digital landscape: Where things are heading
  • Penetration of digital payments: Will it be a game changer
  • Understanding the importance of data security in e commerce
  • Impact of E Payment regulatory principles
  • Risk involved in Cross Border Transaction

11:30 AM: Measuring Customer Experience and Enhancing the Experience in E Commerce Environment

The first step we do to improve the journey is to measure customer experience. Measuring customer experience allows organization to understand the needs of their customers and build an organization that is focused solely on the customer. How the transition is converging everything when it comes to customer experience?

  • Explore the right customer experience metric at the right point of the customer journey
  • Determine your customer experience measurement priorities
  • Analyze the estimated framework in ecommerce
  • What are the branding and marketing tactics to pull customer back
  • Realign the next step towards customer experience
  • Regularly monitoring the customer feedback

11:50 AM: Customer Insights: Strategies to influence customer journey through data

As your every customer is tech savvy & spend most of their time on internet & various digital platform… How you are taking this as an opportunity to know them & using their insights to make their digital journey more convenient.

  • Influencing customer digital journey with data driven insight
  • Best practices to grab customer insights
  • Data Analytics; Grabbing the information through data
  • Restructuring your digital strategies with real-time customer data
  • How E Commerce industry benefit through data analytics

12:10 PM: Best Loyalty Program: Maintaining Customer Loyalty

The only reality in business is customer's perception. This is absolutely crucial because improving customer loyalty, and refining the process so it's as smooth as possible, ensures that they are worth a lot more to a business in the long run.

  • Why you need the customer loyalty program
  • Exploring the ideas for designing a great e commerce loyalty program
  • How to create and implement loyalty program
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your customer loyalty program
  • Building your brand on digital platform
  • Building best strategies to attract customers through loyalty offers
  • Engaging right audience with right messaging

12:30 PM: Panel Discussion: Customer journey mapping: Science behind consumer psychology and experience

Objective: Raveling best strategies to transform customer journey on digital platform. Before building your journey map, it is best to create customer personas to help you visualize what your ideal customer might be going through when seeking your product.

  • What tools you are using to map customer experience journey
  • Identifying the right buyer persona for your product
  • Key strategies to map customer journey on digital platform
  • Touch points in customer journey mapping
  • Exploring the high – technologies that are shaping the customer experience
  • Customer evaluation and purchase decisions to improve their experience
  • Exploring opportunities for consumers in customer experience journey
  • How can we add more value to our customers at each step of this journey
  • How can you deliver next generation customer experience today on digital platform

01:30 PM: Close of the Webinar

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