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The lab of the future is a visionary concept, it’s a goal that evolves as technology advances.

Today in this current pandemic scenario, time and speed have become the two major ingredients that plays a critical role while delivering an exceptional patient experience in the Healthcare Industry.

But due to unforeseen, dramatic upsurge in the demand, diagnostic laboratories and hospitals are undergoing huge pressure to update the ICMR portal with test data results under stringent timelines, which is consuming precious human resource time on repetitive, data entry activities.

Automation in laboratory not only helps in Cost efficiency but the option of scalability, and improved data quality, and perhaps the most important aspect is the time saved by removing the need for manual repetitive tasks.

Join us at Future of Lab Automation 2021 and explore how RPA technology can help using BOTS, that can extract data from any LIMS system and update into the ICMR portal with little or no manual intervention,helping in increased productivity.

Key Areas of Focus:

  • Leveraging RPA for simplified ICMR Data Reporting
  • Know how you can extract data from LIMS systems seamlessly using RPA
  • Understand how Automation can accelerate customer satisfaction and employee productivity.
  • Know how you can Update ICMR portal for new or follow up testing results

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