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Securing an organisations critical data has become more challenging than ever before.

Today’s growing and evolving security threats demand a new response from IT and security leaders, which will require new security essentials. Organizations need to pivot quickly to meet the new requirements of a hybrid workforce and increased attack surfaces with data across different applications and cloud platforms.

Also the new working models has created gaps that allow security threats to be missed. It's not only security and privacy that will continue to swell in priority but also the way in which real-time data is consumed will become a priority. Given this 'New Normal', CISO’s and IT leaders need to note that security, needs to be re-envisioned to manage & address new threats emanating out of this situation.

Join us for this webinar and understand how you can streamline your data security strategy, work from home model and optimize cost along with innovation to gain agility, scalability and build resilience in this hyperconnected world.

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  • CISO
  • CTO
  • CIO
  • CSO
  • CRO
  • Head/ VP/ Director – Information Security
  • Head/ VP/ Director Application Security
  • Head/ VP/ Director Cloud Security

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Steps to Uncover the Security Gaps in your Organization
Security for the new edge: Zero Trust Security.
Security for next decade: Reimagining security in the new normal
Managing Data Security, Privacy and Risk: key to Data Governance
Strategies for Consistent Security and Compliance in a Hybrid Multicloud World
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