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The BPO industry has always been at the forefront of customer experience innovations and employee engagement. However, COVID-19 being one of the biggest disruptors in recent times has altered the industry to a point of no return. In 2020 when the companies were forced to migrate to a remote working model, most of the BPOs managed to achieve a substantial level of remote working capability. Some of them also made use of technologies like AI and automation enabling bots to emerge as valuable colleagues alongside agents.

All of this, just to ensure your customer service was uninterrupted. Now that the dust has settled, BPOs need to focus on enhancing their customer experience – not just business continuity.
Investing in a future workplace that empowers your agents to provide empathetic customer experiences is one of the best ways to ensure customer satisfaction.

This webinar is a practical guide for you – whether you’ve already implemented remote working model or taking steps to improve employee engagements, or simply figuring out where to begin.

Join us as our experts uncover the key trends and challenges faced by the BPO industry and introduce you to the Walk, Run, and Fly framework to help you identify how to start – and where you can take a sustainable work-from-home practice in the long run.

Uncover key trends and challenges faced by the BPO industry in these uncertain times

Learn how you can evolve and build a workplace of the future – Introduction to Walk, Run, and Fly framework

See the live product demonstrations of key features that will help you build a sustainable workplace for future

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