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Planet Forward is a mission by AXA Climate that unites industry leaders, visionaries, and changemakers in a collaborative effort to integrate sustainability into the heart of every organization.

Through an inspiring series of conversations, we will bring you face-to-face with the most inspiring minds in sustainability. Explore their innovative strategies, revolutionary practices, and powerful insights as they share how they shape their organizations to thrive harmoniously with the environment.

In this first episode, our guest speaker Santosh Jayaram, Global Head - Sustainability, HCLTech, will join Shalmalee Nath, APAC Head Climate School, AXA Climate, for a candid conversation on his initiatives and learning about creating an inclusive culture of sustainability at HCLTech. The session would focus on sharing HCLTech's journey towards the sustainability transformation of its business and best practices for nurturing a sustainability mindset in the organization.

Session Outline:

  • Know HCLTech's sustainability transition initiatives on the road to being Net Zero by 2040
  • Explore how to empower employees to contribute to the organization's sustainability goals
  • Learn how organizations can measure the impact of their sustainability efforts
  • Understand how to build a culture of sustainability in the workplace

Featured Speakers

Santosh Jayaram
Global Head Sustainability
Shalmalee Nath
Head of APAC Climate School
AXA Climate

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