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The past 18 months have been a game-changer in the world of businesses. As the covid-19 pandemic gripped the world and made public spaces unsafe, it became, almost mandatory, for organizations to find new ways of maintaining business continuity.

Almost everywhere in the world, businesses were forced to work with limited staff and switch most of their employees to a remote working model. Digital dexterity of employees became their number one goal and in light of this, digital transformation became the number one goal for HR departments. Modern technologies have become a key tool for driving efficiencies for HR globally, by supporting and shaping organization’s competitive strategies.

With employees working from home the management of time and attendance has taken on a new dimension. New government schemes and compliance changes in the face of covid-19 mean that payroll has to keep itself up-to-date with every change that happens in every country as well as on state and local levels where its employees are based.

Thus, the need for standardization of multi-country payroll has become imperative and a topic worth discussing.

Join us for this exclusive webinar and understand how you can accelerate and transform your payroll function to consolidate it effectively for your global operations

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CxO’s, Head, VP and Directors of:

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