The unprecedented last few months have affected cash flow immensely and forced companies to rethink many of their manual processes, adversely impacting the finance function. An unorganized O2C function affected the Accounts Receivable (AR) team's ability to handle invoice creation, presentment, collections, and deductions. This changed payment timeframes, potentially driving up DSO and inhibiting cash flow.

Most finance teams are now focusing on becoming more agile by mitigating credit risk on new orders, monitoring risk on receivables, accelerating cash flow from collections, managing cash flow, and optimizing working capital management to navigate their businesses through turbulent times.

Join us for this exclusive roundtable which brings together top exceptional veterans from various industries in the shared services space to explore how SSC leaders are now leveraging new age technologies such as AI, RPA, and ML to change their focus towards more ‘technologically sound’ shared services that improve their cash-management capabilities.

Key Discussion Points:

How the finance tech stack has evolved over the last few decades and its way forward to autonomous software?

How SSC leaders are investing heavily in digital transformation to pave the way for insight- driven strategy

What are the various measures being adopted to ensure cash excellence?

How finance functions can help in improving customer experience and creating tangible business impact


Vivanta Dwarka, New Delhi

Service Rd, Sector 21, Dwarka, Delhi, 110075

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