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In the wake of severe changes to the business conditions because of this pandemic, HR Professionals have to think about potential long-lasting solutions to handle such contingencies and manage their remote employees. The long-term implications of pandemic and the remote working models have raised several challenges for HR on the aspects of collaboration, team building, empathy and trust. The role of HR has become more critical now than ever as organizations navigate high-velocity change spurred by the pandemic. In this webinar Microsoft will be sharing how Microsoft has been helping customers to sustain the post pandemic situation along with Microsoft own solutions and solutions provided by Microsoft partner Zing HR. This webinar will highlight how HR can use digital automation from hiring to retire lifecycle and how OUTCOMATION can help how we can create happy engaging workplace.

This webinar will highlight:

  • Inbuilt Artificial Intelligence - Leverage 18+ years of deep domain expertise on lean HR with in-built practical solutions.
  • Plugged in Innovation - Pick and choose from our flexible modules and easily integrate them with your existing systems.
  • Decision Making Tools - With real-time dashboards, make informed decisions to enhance productivity and compliance.

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