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One of the natural outcomes of enterprises going Digital and new-age incumbents changing their model over the course of time is the need for traditional organisations to change their approach to customer experience, and more importantly the contact centre. From what was once seen as the hub for all things inbound and outbound calls, today it's anything but that. Increasingly organisations are automating key processes, using chatbots to engage with customers and use AI/ML models to step up the ante on customer experience. Of course, not all is hunky-dory still and most organisations are still testing out this new approach in some form or shape.

With this change, organisations are having to battle new challenges like perfecting the handshake between chatbots and human agents which is currently one of the biggest pain points. Another important change is the type and volume of data being generated by sources such as devices, sensors and video, which often provide the most value while interacting with customers in real-time. Some companies also call this data in motion. Companies have, thus, begun sharpening their focus on analysing this deluge of data to understand consumer behaviour patterns that could help them drive growth further. Companies are using analytics for everything from driving growth, reducing cost, improving operational excellence, recruiting better people to completely transform their customer experience (and contact centre) strategy.

This roundtable aims to discuss some of the latest changes that large companies in India are currently undertaking, the learnings they've had on the way and how their contact centre is transforming to function as the hub in helping deliver the new-age customer experience that is expected.

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