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Did you know that insider threats account for 60% of cyberattacks on enterprises?
But why are insider threats dangerous?

Insider threats are difficult to detect, and it could take more than 2 months to contain an insider incident. In fact, 87% of incidents could be contained only after more than 30 days. As a result, insider threats are more expensive than external threats.

To address insider threats, you need to gain visibility into into user behavior patterns across devices, systems, and data. Moreover, you need to monitor user activity across assets to identify anomalous behavior and enable an automated response.

A ‘zero-trust’ approach, by adopting a user-focused view, can help your security teams to quickly detect user behavior anomalies and manage user risk from a centralized location.

Data encryption should be your first and last line of defense against attacks. While you can't always prevent a data breach, you can always use encryption to help ensure that data is unusable in the event it is hacked or stolen.

As a leader responsible for managing insider threats, you might have the following questions:

  • Zero trust is not new. It has been around for over a decade. So, why has zero trust become a huge cyber priority now?
  • How does zero trust help address internal threats, especially with employees working remotely?
  • How do I consolidate and analyse user behavior and do so real-time?
  • How do I get started with zero trust?

Join us for a session as we look to address these – and many more – questions that need to be answered to address rising insider threats.

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