All industries are experiencing the benefits of CaaS and container technology. Using containers provides increased efficiency and gives organization the ability to quickly deploy innovative solutions for application modernization and cloud native development with microservices. This innovative step helps to release software faster and promotes portability between hybrid and multicloud environments, and reduce infrastructure, software licensing and operating costs.

Join us for this exclusive webinar with senior industry leaders to explore how Container Platforms grants enterprises a large amount of flexibility by accelerating the development process and making it easier to switch to a different provider or cloud environment.

Our mission in Multicloud Management Services strategy is anchored in supporting wide range of systems for organizations spanning across hybrid, public, private and container platforms.

This webinar will be able to address how organizations can:

  • Accelerate business transformation
  • Minimize risk & cost while leveraging new & existing investments to innovate & differentiate
  • Simplify the implementation and management of modern infrastructure that can scale rapidly
  • Effectively manage the application landscape

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