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In this new normal, as manufacturing organizations look to remodel their production, they will need to completely revamp their operating procedures forcing them to rethink their manufacturing operations and new ways of working opportunities, all at the same time.

Emerging digital technologies has become the inseparable component and has to be adopted by organisations to have more efficient processes, quality and compliance.

Join us for this webinar and understand how you can accelerate your continuous improvement journey by giving users the power to visualize the entire manufacturing process and how Akrivia FACTTWIN and Akrivia MHM can be leveraged to minimize production loss, identify potential areas of improvement and enable real-time monitoring for continuous improvement.

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Key Areas of Focus:

• In the initial part of the session understand how Akrivia FACTTWIN enables automatic collection of manufacturing data from machines and personnel in real-time and uncover hidden potential based on the data collected which will minimize production loss and achieve continuous improvement.

In the later part of the session understand how Akrivia MHM determines machine health with user-friendly interface to monitor related activities round the clock

Understand how to monitor and measure your manufacturing processes from anywhere and everywhere

Identify the best strategies to achieve Sustainable Manufacturing Efficiency