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The pressure on traditional enterprises to reinvent all aspects of their businesses to compete with their hyper-agile peers is greater than ever. Incumbents across industries are investing to transform their customer experience, redesign business processes and innovate their business models to stay relevant. However, the strategy to become a digital company by designing modern software applications fails miserably during execution if the bottlenecks created by legacy IT application portfolio are not addressed.

Modern software application development is no longer ‘learn-a-technology-once-deliver-forever’ initiative. It is an ongoing journey, requiring continuous acquisition of specialty skills covering hyper-agility, UI/UX design, security, platform architecture, and more. Still, a large part of the enterprise IT budget and effort is spent on maintaining archaic systems that were built for yesterday’s business environment. This leaves the strategic digital transformation initiatives struggling and sputtering.

Due to all these reasons, legacy modernisation has become an imperative and not a choice anymore. When done right, legacy modernization drives business benefits around customer experience, product innovation, operational efficiency, speed to market, reduced risk and operational resilience.

Join us for this exclusive panel discussion to understand how you can establish a foundation for digital transformation at your enterprise by updating, migrating, upgrading, and re-platforming your legacy systems. We will share empirical evidence and real-life insights to help you realize the integral role legacy modernization plays in turning your organization into a digitally (re)born brand.

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Key discussion points:

• The true cost of Legacy systems - Why Legacy Modernization?

• Digital talent is evolving and legacy talent is disappearing. What does this mean for enterprise IT?

• How to modernize Legacy landscapes to embrace successful digital transformation?

  • Build agility and resilience with application modernisation
  • Accelerate time to market and elevate customer experience
  • Ensure security and compliance
  • Execute your app portfolio strategy at the speed of business with DevSecOps and Low-Code

• How to create, communicate and execute the case for change for an intelligent enterprise