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Today in this disruptive times, with more and more businesses leveraging cloud and embracing Microsoft 365, the most immediate concern IT leaders have to overcome is the security of your sensitive data and intellectual property.

Though, data protection capabilities are available in Microsoft 365, but they are either lacking, or fail to deliver secure integrations, or both. With the sheer volume of data that organisations handle, and store is driving a greater need for data security and protection practices.

This exclusive roundtable will have industry leaders who will be discussing the ways to streamline your data security strategy especially for sensitive documents created on Office desktop applications, files shared through emails, teams, SharePoint etc on Microsoft 365.

Key Areas of Discussion:

  • TBest strategies to manage your data effectively on Microsoft 365
  • Automatic data protection of sensitive documents
  • Re-assessing your data security in cloud Architecture and Strategy
  • Manage and protect the data accessed and downloaded from systems like Cloud, Application, Network, Perimeter etc.

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