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Transform your Manufacturing Operations with effective technology.

The current pandemic situation has drastically decreased the demand and disrupted the supply chains. As manufacturing organizations look to restart their production, they will need to completely revamp their operating procedures forcing them to rethink their manufacturing operations and new ways to adapt to the new technological advances that help them to achieve sustainable manufacturing efficiency.

Join us for this webinar and understand how you can accelerate your continuous improvement journey by giving users the power to visualize the entire manufacturing process and how Akrivia’s Industry 4.0 products “FacTTwin” and “Akrivia MHM” can be leveraged to identify potential areas of improvement, minimize production loss, and monitor machine health in real-time.

What To Expect?
Understand how “FacTTwin” and “Akrivia MHM” would

  1. Enable automatic collection of manufacturing data from machines and personnel in real-time.
  2. Uncover hidden potential from machines & production processes data, collected in real-time
  3. Monitor, Measure and Access your manufacturing processes from anywhere, anytime
  4. Identify causes for production loss, potential areas of improvement, and get actionable insights
  5. Configure your business needs into the products and equip you with predictive maintenance abilities.

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