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As I’m sure you all know first-hand, the shift to hybrid work creates new opportunities, but it also creates new challenges. Things look different when the IT team isn’t down the hall from employees who need help. New employees need to be onboarded, distributed teams need to be connected, specialized workloads need to be enabled, and new projects need to be scaled-up.

IT needs to not only get employees setup and supported ongoing, but they also need to be prepared to respond to rapidly changing environments, while still maintaining business continuity.

And, while managing this, IT also needs to ensure they are keeping their estate secured and meeting ever-changing regulatory requirements.

It is a challenge to address these needs with agility without overburdening IT, letting costs get out of control, sacrificing productivity, or compromising security.

Frontline Workers are, and have always been, the backbone of the world economy. This has become even more obvious in the face of the pandemic. While some Frontline Workers are returning to work as parts of the world reopen, others have been on the job throughout the last several months. They are the essential workers who have kept hospitals up and running, staffed grocery stores’ curbside pick-up, and been out in the field keeping services up and running.

These workers typically comprise the majority of the workforce and it’s their actions that translate strategies into action, delight customers and move the organization forward.

This webinar is to focus on how these Frontline workers can be enabled at your organization through Microsoft 365 Cloud

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