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Business Transformation is a must, not an option.

There was a time when the CIO job descriptions were mainly about technical skills. There was a time when a CIO career started as an IT geek and ended up managing a team of geeks.

These days are over. IT changed from accelerating the steps of established processes to enabling a level of creativity and collaboration that could not even have been imagined five years ago. In this new era, the CIO is the inspirer of the company strategy as well as the enabler of a new breed of business processes that cut across companies’ boundaries.

This session will bring together this new breed of CIOs. Those who are taking the reins of strategies in the new era. Hearing from them will help your career and boost your company in the age of disruption.

Key focus areas:

  • A changing role
  • Is the role about implementing, or inventing?
  • The notion of risk.
  • Stress and efficiency
  • Recruiting in uncertain environment

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