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Due to the current pandemic situation, organizations across Retail and Manufacturing are dealing with mis-managed inventory situations; Their demand supply paradigm has changed all of a sudden leading to a sharp increase in demurrages.

With the changing customer behaviour, sentiments and various choices available — organisations today are facing an endless stream of moving parts to drive customer loyalty and enhance financial results. Getting the right product to the right place at the right time, has never been so complicated but also never been so crucial.

As businesses adapt to the new normal, technology supported demand optimization becomes an essential pillar to be able to run business operations effectively.

YJoin us for an exclusive webinar, wherein, Industry leaders will highlight how PwC’s AI-driven demand forecasting tool can help in informed decision making at every level and at every stage of the supply chain with accurate short-term forecast, delivered in the form of visualizations and interactive dashboards to decision makers.

What to expect?

  • Explore actions for optimized demand driven supply chain - Process market environment & customer sentiments dynamically
  • Uncover flexibility of data - process large volumes of rapidly changing data smoothly
  • Best Strategies for accurate forecasting.
  • Understand how consolidated, intuitive & user-friendly visualizations can help

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