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Microsoft Teams is a platform—a hub for teamwork that goes far beyond chat, meetings, and calling. To reduce distractions and elevate how people work, customers are bringing together their existing workplace tools—built by Microsoft, built by other ISVs, or built by the organization—into one place. This makes more information and tools transparently available, and reduces time switching amongst apps.

This also reinforces deeper, more engaged usage of Teams. Many customers are telling us that they are leveraging the platform to drive natural, viral adoption of Teams in their organizations.

As COVID-19 has compelled millions of us to stay home, we’re learning so much about connecting and collaborating remotely. It is now more important than ever for workforce to be agile, efficiently manage increased case volumes and deliver superior customer experiences that drive satisfaction, conversion and loyalty. This is where our Partner-solutions are helping organizations stay productive with remote work in Microsoft Teams.

In this webinar, our two partners will share solutions integrated with Microsoft Teams.

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Our Partners

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Beagle: It is an agile conversational analytics platform. Beagle acts as a virtual analyst, and provides data and insights to users in form of Cards, through collaboration platforms like MS Teams. It is aimed towards:

  • Increasing the effectiveness of meetings
  • Increasing productivity of Field Force
  • Driving adoption of analytics
  • Cutting down the iteration time, to generate new analysis report
  • Enabling advanced analytics for a vast set of users in a seamless way

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Users while doing their day-to-day work come across many scenarios where they need a quick help from the support team to address the scenario. Usually companies have Level 1 service desk augmented by support agents to help users. However, such support process is inefficient, time consuming and difficult to scale. Amigo – support buddy BOT integrates with organizations support knowledge base, and it employs NLP algorithms to address user’s queries efficiently and effectively. If the BOT does not have the answer to the query it presents options such as connecting with Support agent over the chat and opening the ticket in the service desk platform such as ServiceNow. The BOT is capable unattended learning for queries it did not answer. Matching the user’s query in knowledge base with NLP algorithms is far superior than the traditional keyword match because it is based on the context/meaning of the query and not the words used form it. The solution helps organization reduce number of L1 tickets, improves turn around time, improves user experience and reduces support cost.

First line workers help organization realize its goals and objectives by performing their job irrespective of conducive or non-conducive situations. The biggest motivation the organization can provide in such situation is by recognizing one’s contribution (by giving Bravo Card) and giving the visibility to that individual across the organization wide Bravo Page. Not only this gesture motivates the person but also promotes desirable behavior across rest of the workforce. If the recipient of the Bravo card is part of the team, the solution sends the notification into that team’s channel so everyone in the team know that their colleague has been recognized for the good work he/she has done. Solution offers the Bravo points, leaderboard and rewards features that helps organization inculcating the recognition culture.