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Microsoft Teams is a platform—a hub for teamwork that goes far beyond chat, meetings, and calling. To reduce distractions and elevate how people work, customers are bringing together their existing workplace tools—built by Microsoft, built by other ISVs, or built by the organization—into one place. This makes more information and tools transparently available, and reduces time switching amongst apps.

This also reinforces deeper, more engaged usage of Teams. Many customers are telling us that they are leveraging the platform to drive natural, viral adoption of Teams in their organizations.

As COVID-19 has compelled millions of us to stay home, we’re learning so much about connecting and collaborating remotely. It is now more important than ever for workforce to be agile, efficiently manage increased case volumes and deliver superior customer experiences that drive satisfaction, conversion and loyalty. This is where our Partner-solutions are helping organizations stay productive with remote work in Microsoft Teams.

In this webinar, our two partners will share solutions integrated with Microsoft Teams.

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This solution enables top level management of organizations look into data driven insights of multiple M365 tenants in a single BI Dashboard. It immensely benefits top managers organizations, who act as a governing body of multiple sub organizations and office. All data feeding into the BI dashboard is extracted, orchestrated, analysed and displayed, in a fully automated setup and involves near zero human intervention.

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One of the biggest challenges faced by the adhesives manufacturing company’s sales team was to digitize the manual order booking process and share the data to the back-end team for processing. Since the process was manual the approval and status were not visible which resulted in delay to service the orders and prone to errors due to manual intervention. Also, no proper follow-up due to lack of right information on the ageing & Outstanding details.

Sales Order booking was automated using on Teams platform with ease of use and anywhere any time access, sales personal can now book the order and view status and report through handheld devices. His helped in increasing the reach by covering more customers on field increasing the sales Order followed by proper reporting mechanism to follow-up on outstanding.