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Businesses around the world are experiencing the impact of the same global pandemic, but each enterprise’s path to recovery will be unique. With employees working remotely and more out-of-office access points being used, an increased need for remote data access and even a widescale usage of personal devices, remote work certainly has its own challenges that need to be overcome.

This webinar will provide practical guidance to help you enable security and management for your remote workforce while empowering your organization to stay productive.

The webinar will cover:

  • Unexpected Challenges of COVID-19 and post COVID-19 resumption
  • Secure your remote workforce
    • Protect corporate resources: Keeping sensitive data secure and protecting against phishing or other attacks that seek to exploit vulnerabilities is paramount as workers shift to remote interactions
    • Manage devices and apps: Many people end up using personal laptops, sharing their home PCs, or other mobile devices to access work files while working remotely. You need a way to support BYO and unify management of devices and apps
    • Enable remote access to apps: Your people need secure remote access to the on-premises or cloud applications they use to get their work done
  • How to get started with enabling secure remote work for your organization

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